Waiting for DNS

I changed my DNS settings for my website [cloudform.com] a few days ago, and when I check the site with WHOIS the servers are set to the dreamhost servers, but my site is still not being recognized…


Also, I’m having some real troubles with your ‘control panel’. Slow as heck, when it even loads. Sometimes not at all. You guys having problems? I’m hoping that when my site does come up, these server problems aren’t systematic, you guys came highly reccomended, would hate to go through this process again.


It takes time for changes to the DNS data of any domain to make it’s way around the net. It may even be a few weeks reaching some far away places on the globe, but not likely – usually 3 days is a safe bet to make sure everything’s right. It usually takes much less than this, though.

The site looks OK to me now, it’s showing Dreamhosts’s nameservers in it’s whois output although there’s no content on the actual domain just a “holding…” page – is this right?


  • wil

Yup, it’s totally up now, just waiting for my second domain to come up now. Thanks!