Waiting Aprooval?!?!

i bought the an hosting plan 2 days ago… and now the admin panel doesn’t allow me to access any link and it says that im waiting for approval?

This account is currently pending approval.

If you’ve already made payment, please fax this form to us and you’ll be approved within one business day… thanks!

What’s that? i maid the pay lol…
Well the problem is i don’t have Fax at home the only way for me to fill the paper is buying a Fax… and i can do that but only monday since i have much work to do…

is there any complaining for that?

by the way… i don’t know much about Fax’s… i live in portugal is it possible to send it? i have to insert the (+1) since its an American number right?


Registrations from outside the United States often requires faxed proof of your credit card. I didn’t have to fax, but if I did, I have a faxmodem.
Here a link to their fax form: