W3 Total Cache "best practices" on DH

Looking for some “best practices” for using the W3 Total Cache plugin on a DreamHost hosted WordPress install. Or, is there another caching plugin that will function better on DreamHost.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have found a decent tutorial for setting up W3 Total Cache here… http://zemalf.com/1443/w3-total-cache/

I’ll test and repost with my findings.

Hi Rodney,
So did you figure out some stuff about W3TC? It’s a little confusing but I finally got it working on a few of my WP sites.

I’ve got it implemented on one of my sites and it seems to do nothing. Although I do not fully utilize it. My CSS and java are still coming from the original files. I do have a subdomain setup for CDN but havent changed over yet. My site is in the development stage so I’d like to have a SOP in place before my content gets out of hand.

Side note: I’m using Thesis Framework on another site and it seems pretty darn quick. Both sites are on the same shared hosting.

If you dont mind posting your W3TC setup/procedures, I’m sure a bunch of people would be greatly appreciated.

Any update on this ? Thanks.