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vtiger CRM is an Open Source CRM. Has anyone tried to get this running on DH?


Yes, I`m tried, but I have a problem to edit/change “php.ini”, maybe anyone can help me a little bit? Perhaps you?

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Karsten Uwe


Actually, editing the php.ini is not the “deal breaker” as far as installling vTiger CRM on a Dreamhost shared server, as you can always compile your own PHP with whatever php.ini setting you need or use a modified php.ini with yuour own instance of PHP-cgi (both processes are described in the Dreamhost wiki).

There are other issues with installing vTiger however. From the vTiger CRM Installation doucuments:

• Please ensure that you have administrator privileges on the system. If you are installing without administrator privilege, vtiger CRM software will not be installed properly.
• Before installing vtiger CRM 5 software, stop the Apache and MySQL services.
• vtiger CRM 5 software is compatible with Apache 2.0.40 and above, MySQL 4.1.x through 5.1.x and PHP 5.0.x through 5.1.x. If these software are already installed in your system, you can use the same. Otherwise use
the Apache and MySQL bundled with vtiger CRM software.
• Read/Write permissions for some of the vtiger CRM directories – Applicable to vtiger CRM Source Installation
• PHP settings (php.ini) configuration - Applicable to vtiger CRM Source Installation

The first two points are problematic for a shared server, as users do not have root and cannot stop Apache and/or MySQL services on a shared server. The third point might be a problem, as many Apache instances on DH are still running Apache 1.3 (though I suppose you could ask support to set uyou up with an Apache 2 instance in you wanted to).

In summary, vTiger CRM, in it’s current state, does not appear to be user-installable on a Dreamhost shared server.



First: I have already done succesfull an vtiger installation on another shared server.

Second: On my shared Server on DH, i have SERVER_SOFTWARE Apache/2.0.54 (Unix) PHP/4.4.2 mod_ssl/2.0.54 OpenSSL/0.9.7e mod_fastcgi/2.4.2 DAV/2 SVN/1.1.4 … i think this is good.

Third: Indeed, the php.ini have to changed befor installing vtiger. Do you mean one can Dreamhost for support for an installation ask?

Sinc. Karsten Uwe


Hi, Karsten,

That’s great news! I’m glad you were able to do that. My statement in my previous response that it “does not appear to be user-installable on a Dreamhost shared server” was based only on the vtiger documentation, where it states that:

• Please ensure that you have administrator privileges on the system. If you are installing without administrator privilege, vtiger CRM software will not be installed properly.
• Before installing vtiger CRM 5 software, stop the Apache and MySQL services.

Maybe they were referring to Windows “administrator privileges” rather than *nix “administrator privileges” (root)? It may also be true that users do not actually have to stop Apache and/or MySQL? At any rate, I’m glad you found a way to install it on a shared server in spite of the documentation statements. It wouldn’t be the first time a clever user has found a workaround to allow for not being able to follow documentation precisely. :slight_smile:

It looks “close” to being good to me. You report having PHP/4.4.2 while the vtiger documentation says that you need to have “PHP 5.0.x through 5.1.x”. This is not much of a problem, as you can change your domain at Dreamhost to use PHP5 (from within the control panel) to eliminate that issue. Just go to “Manage Domains”, click the “edit” link (to the right of the domain in question), select the appropriate “radio button” for PHP5, and “submit” the change.

No, Dreamhost support will not do such a custom installation for you, but you can do it yourself. There are a couple of ways you can do it:

  1. You can install your own PHP5 (and configure you php.ini to go with it)

  2. You can use Dreamhost’s existing PHP5 installation with a “customized” php.ini for use with your programs

Good luck with it, and let us know how it all turns out, as sure there are many that would like to use vtiger on Dreamhost :slight_smile:



Hi --rlparker

My succeses are not on DH, it is on a german server and version 4.2.4 (the last from vtiger 4.x)
http://www.xdealer.de/economax.ch/crm (not version 5)

What i hope is, that the support can possibly help to stop the apache for a short time and help to click setup, and i give them the URL… what do you mean?


Hi, kwinkler!

Well, it certainly could not hurt to ask Dreamhost tech support if they can do that for you. Maybe they have a way to do that for the instance of apache that is running on your domain, but only they could tell you for sure. You might consider asking them that question via a support ticket sent from the Contact Support section of the Control Panel :wink:



Hallo rlparker,

i will you inform, that i have done already my installation for “vtiger5.0.2”. It will work fast and comfortable.

Thanks for help.

Sinc. KarstenUwe


Hi Karsten,

Was your success with vtiger5.0.2 at Dreamhost or elsewhere?
If it was at Dreamhost, do you mind the steps you took to successfully install vtiger?

thank you in advance!


My installation have be done on dreamhost and is vtiger 5.0.2 version.

The installation is not so much work, but for me it was virgin Island, i did`nt never bevor a php compilation.

… okay here are the steps

  1. Got to wiki.dreamhost.com
    Go to “Help with third-party software” -> “UNIX-based” -> “Installing PHP5” and follow the instruktions (you can look on me installationscript further down, if you want)
    But please, do not use php5.2.0, it will definitely not work and is not compatible with vtiger 5.0.2 - you have to download (search) for php5.1.6 (the last before php5.2.0)
    This work is a little bit hard, because you need “putty” or another client for ssh - for me it was virginisland… but it was worthwhile.
  2. When it is already done check your compilation with “phpinfo” and compare with vtiger requirements, important!
  3. Look in your rootdir, php5/etc/php5/your.domain.de/ and edit your php.ini with the requirements from vtiger
  4. Bring the other requirements from vtiger to harmony; READ/WRITE permissions on vtiger CRM
  5. Install - my installation was already in 2 minute.
  6. Check your dumpingsystem, really important before begin to work with your crm. I use “mysqldumper” for germanlang http://www.mysqldumper.de/ for englishlang http://www.mysqldumper.de/en/ and dump, dump and restore your database again. Please begin your work only when also your dumpsystem work already done, okay? This is really important!
    When it will not really god dump, take a dump from a friend
    here the dump URL http://www.vtiger.de/fileadmin/vtiger/downloads/patches//vtiger502.zip
  7. When your dump will work already you can begin with work your vtigercrm

Last Point. I like mysqldumper because it work fast and is convenient to use. What I have not realise is the work with cronscripts, but this is a other point …

I hope I have spend you some help

Here my phphinstallscript


Script updated 2006-12-25 by Carl McDade (hiveminds.co.uk) to allow memory limit and freetype

Save the code to a file as *.sh

Abort on any errors

set -e

The domain in which to install the PHP CGI script.

export DOMAIN=“avenvo.com

Where do you want all this stuff built? I’d recommend picking a local


Don’t pick a directory that already exists! We clean up after

ourselves at the end!


And where should it be installed?


Set DISTDIR to somewhere persistent, if you plan to muck around with this

script and run it several times!


Pre-download clean up!!!


Update version information here.

CCLIENT_DIR=“imap-2004g” # Another pest!

What PHP features do you want enabled?


---- end of user-editable bits. Hopefully! ----

Push the install dir’s bin directory into the path


#setup directories
mkdir -p ${SRCDIR}
mkdir -p ${INSTALLDIR}
mkdir -p ${DISTDIR}

Get all the required packages - remark: http://www.avenvo.com/php-5.1.6.tar.gz are no more available!!

wget -c http://www.avenvo.com/php-5.1.6.tar.gz
wget -c http://mirrors.usc.edu/pub/gnu/libiconv/${LIBICONV}.tar.gz
wget -c http://easynews.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/mcrypt/libmcrypt-2.5.7.tar.gz
wget -c ftp://xmlsoft.org/libxml2/${LIBXML2}.tar.gz
wget -c ftp://xmlsoft.org/libxml2/${LIBXSLT}.tar.gz
wget -c http://superb-west.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/mhash/${MHASH}.tar.gz
wget -c http://www.zlib.net/${ZLIB}.tar.gz
wget -c http://curl.haxx.se/download/${CURL}.tar.gz
wget -c http://kent.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/freetype/${FREETYPE}.tar.gz
wget -c ftp://alpha.gnu.org/pub/gnu/libidn/${LIBIDN}.tar.gz
wget -c ftp://ftp.cac.washington.edu/imap/old/${CCLIENT}.tar.Z

echo ---------- Unpacking downloaded archives. This process may take several minutes! ----------

cd ${SRCDIR}

Unpack them all

echo Extracting ${PHP5}…
tar xzf ${DISTDIR}/${PHP5}.tar.gz
echo Done.
echo Extracting ${LIBICONV}…
tar xzf ${DISTDIR}/${LIBICONV}.tar.gz
echo Done.
echo Extracting ${LIBMCRYPT}…
tar xzf ${DISTDIR}/${LIBMCRYPT}.tar.gz
echo Done.
echo Extracting ${LIBXML2}…
tar xzf ${DISTDIR}/${LIBXML2}.tar.gz
echo Done.
echo Extracting ${LIBXSLT}…
tar xzf ${DISTDIR}/${LIBXSLT}.tar.gz
echo Done.
echo Extracting ${MHASH}…
tar xzf ${DISTDIR}/${MHASH}.tar.gz
echo Done.
echo Extracting ${ZLIB}…
tar xzf ${DISTDIR}/${ZLIB}.tar.gz
echo Done.
echo Extracting ${CURL}…
tar xzf ${DISTDIR}/${CURL}.tar.gz
echo Done.
echo Extracting ${LIBIDN}…
tar xzf ${DISTDIR}/${LIBIDN}.tar.gz
echo Done.
echo Extracting ${CCLIENT}…
uncompress -cd ${DISTDIR}/${CCLIENT}.tar.Z |tar x
echo Done.
echo Extracting ${FREETYPE}…
tar xzf ${DISTDIR}/${FREETYPE}.tar.gz
echo Done.

Build them in the required order to satisfy dependencies.

./configure --enable-extra-encodings --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}

make clean

make install

./configure --with-iconv=${INSTALLDIR} --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}

make clean

make install

./configure --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}

make clean

make install

cd ${SRCDIR}/${ZLIB}
./configure --shared --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}

make clean

make install

./configure --disable-posix-threads --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}

make clean

make install

#libmcrypt lltdl issue!!
cd ${SRCDIR}/${LIBMCRYPT}/libltdl
./configure --prefix=${INSTALLDIR} --enable-ltdl-install

make clean

make install

./configure --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}

make clean

make install

./configure --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}

make clean

make install

./configure --with-iconv-prefix=${INSTALLDIR} --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}

make clean

make install

cd ${SRCDIR}/${CURL}
./configure --with-ssl=${INSTALLDIR} --with-zlib=${INSTALLDIR}
–with-libidn=${INSTALLDIR} --enable-ipv6 --enable-cookies
–enable-crypto-auth --prefix=${INSTALLDIR}

make clean

make install


make ldb

Install targets are for wusses!

cp c-client/c-client.a ${INSTALLDIR}/lib/libc-client.a
cp c-client/*.h ${INSTALLDIR}/include

#PHP 5
cd ${SRCDIR}/${PHP5}
./configure ${PHPFEATURES}

make clean

make install

#copy config file
mkdir -p ${INSTALLDIR}/etc/php5/${DOMAIN}
cp ${SRCDIR}/${PHP5}/php.ini-dist ${INSTALLDIR}/etc/php5/${DOMAIN}/php.ini

#copy PHP CGI
mkdir -p ${HOME}/${DOMAIN}/cgi-bin
chmod 0755 ${HOME}/${DOMAIN}/cgi-bin
cp ${INSTALLDIR}/bin/php ${HOME}/${DOMAIN}/cgi-bin/php.cgi
echo ---------- INSTALL COMPLETE! ----------



That is a great post! Thanks for taking the time to write it up and share it with everyone. Good Job! :slight_smile:



I have to add one, what it is very important:

Before install, check your upload mim. twice, it is really important, really!

… and sorry for my bad english.

Best Greetings, Karsten


Just wanted to also thank you for the post, and add the comment that vtiger now works fine with PHP 5.2, and all I had to do was setup my own php.ini as outlined in the wiki. vTiger is amazing; just wish it had accounting features. There are other good options, but I have yet to find something like Compiere that will run on dreamhost. If there are any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. If we even just had postgre available, that would open up some options, but I’m not holding my breath.


[quote]If we even just had postgres available

Adempiere is a community fork of Compiere created in Sept 2006.
One of the first things the community did was enable the application to use the postgresql DB. We also fixed 100s of long open bugs, many of these are fixed now in Compiere too but only if you buy the closed source commercial version. In addition our current stable release (3.4) contains a ZK framework (ajax) based web UI which is beta but considered to be very usable! There are many many other enhancements.

Of course being a member of that community I accept I am biased :slight_smile:
But I think it’s well worth a look… it’s an open community so getting stuck in to help, in what ever way you can, is an even better idea!



Thanks for the reply. I have looked into Adempiere, and would definitely be interested, but I don’t believe it will run on Dreamhost. What I was saying in my comment is that I wish postgre was available with dreamhost, but to my knowledge, it is not.


[quote]I wish postgre was available with dreamhost

indeed, I did misunderstand ok. sorry.

I guess when you talk about Dreamhost & postgres you mean in their webhost offering? Because I would imagine it could possible to install Adempiere in their “dedicated host” service. I have heard of implementors in our community who have hosted the application on remote servers. Until now they have used terminal servers to provide access to the clients but with the new web UI that will no longer be necessary.

Since this was a vTiger thread I will add that I have installed it myself and find it an excellent application. But you’re right it doesn’t address in anyway the accounting issues. Still very usable for many small firms who I imagine probably hand a bunch of AP & AR invoices to their external accountants once quarter and let them manage that aspect :slight_smile:

My memory is a little vague on the matter but I had understood vTiger to be a fork of sugarCRM, only with their commercial products/quotes & invoice functionality included, but it seems to be less sales force orientated than sugar and more of a general small business app.