VPS Wishlist


This is my wishlist for 2016. I would appreciate if I could have some dates or a basic roadmap.

[]Apache 2.4.17 (with mod_http2 built in // mod_http2 is the renamed mod_h2 module)
]nginx with PHP 7+
[*]Better memory and CPU monitoring inside the control panel (e.g. munin or Zabbix)

dont bother asking for better resource monitoring, it used to be there and theyve deliberately taken it out. then, the API would still let you get some slightly more precise statistics, people started using it, so they took it away too.

ive decided they really dont want you care about your resource usage. people using only .1 CPU maybe wanted some money back.

That doesn’t sound good. I used to have a wishlist for every web host I used before. Some of the items were fixed, some added. I would like to see an official reply here.

What you will probably get is the suggestion to upgrade to DreamCompute, where you can install just about anything. Which is not a bad option if you don’t mind building everything from scratch.

I know it’s not a bad option, but I want to use my VPS with everything on it. Rebuilding stuff is not an option.

Thanks for your suggestion.