VPS vmware

Hello, hope this is in the right section.
I’m looking to add DH VPS. Already a happy shared customer for years. But the project Im working on requires me to have VPS. I read that DH VPS is Linux Debian… but I HAVE to have Windows OS running.
I’m not at all versed in VPS, but am wondering is there a way for me to get Windows OS running on DH VPS?
To get this done, will I have to install a vmware on a DH VPS to get windows running, and then install my windows dependent stuff? Or, is there a better solution?

Also, if anyone can link me to some totally beginner tuts or good reads, I surely do not mind reading. I’ve been searching both the forum and google not for VPS in general, but more specifically for ‘my’ issue and nothing really comes up or it is a bit more advanced. Not looking to do anything advanced with the VPS vs just getting specifically up and running with DH VPS + Windows OS.

No, there is no way to install Windows on a DreamHost VPS.

Maybe not, but am looking at this: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/how-to-install-windows-applications-on-linux-using-crossover/


Crossover will probably not help much. It’s primarily aimed at running certain desktop applications and games on a Linux desktop computer, not at running server applications. It’s unlikely to do what you want here.

So… is there a workaround or solution to getting windows applications to run on DH VPS?

no if you want a windows server you will have to go to another company that offers the platform, dreamhost does not.