VPS Usage graphs not particularly useful

I don’t know about others, but I find the VPS average daily usage graphs not particularly useful (actionable).

A graph that shows ‘peak’ cpu and memory usage for each day would better indicate if I need to increase the memory allocation for my server.

Ideally a graph with three lines, min, max, and mean, or if necessary, three separate graphs.

Also, a drill-down into the day for hourly details would be very helpful.


I’ve been complaining about this since they switched it. We used to have VERY nice, detailed data access…
All I get from support is “they are working on it”…
then WHY is it released like this?
The old graphing also used to show cache usage…and since the cache usage is what REALLY affects website speed, not being able to see it REALLY sucks.

i further agree with this. you can, however, get a little better info if you use the dreamhost API.

the graph is pretty… pretty worthless. why are we limited to one point per day? why not just chart the data thats returned by the dreamhost_ps-list_usage api call?