VPS to Dedicated Server



I have 2 sites on a VPS, with about 5k visitors per day in each site, and a lot of downtime. They usually use 500MB on VPS.

My question: if I move then to a Dedicated Server like New Moon 2, they will load faster and the downtime will stop?



I have the exact same question. After 5 extended downtimes on my VPS server in Feb-Mar, I’m wondering if it’s worth the x3 cost. It’s not a matter of capacity; just reliability. FWIW, my personal DH servers (about 20 of them) rarely go down, and have the same features, except unlimited bandwidth and storage, and about a third the cost of VPS.


FWIW, I switched my VPS hosting elsewhere because of the downtime issues, but I’ve kept a shared hosting account here for less critical stuff. There are better/more reliable VPS alternatives with other hosts for around the same price as DreamHost. You shouldn’t need dedicated hosting just because you want an acceptable level of uptime. That should be a given on any host.


Hehe … is NOT like What you see is what you get, is like What you pay is what you get.


Paying more money to DreamHost for dedicated hosting won’t solve your problem. A lot of the recent outages also affected dedicated customers (look at recent history on the dreamhoststatus website). In short, if you are looking for better uptime, I don’t think it matters what hosting package you choose at DreamHost.


All good points, but every app is different. The following is not a rebuttal to anything anyone has mentioned, just my own POV. In the end I think it’s all luck of the draw.

I have very particular and peculiar requirements, and Dreamhost offers everything I need without much special effort. I’ve set up VPS servers on several other hosting sites (e.g. 1&1, WebHostingHub) since the flurry of downtimes here, and often only after paying for them did I discover their limitations (e.g no compiling and/or running of C programs, no multiple emails for crons, etc). I’m sure I could find one eventually, but what a pain.

I did look at the DH problem logs, and it seems that VPS’s are much more of a problem. However, it may be that they don’t post it if a single dedicated server has a problem, because there’s only one contact who cares. Maybe they do a better job of contacting the owner of a dedicated server; it’s not just the bad reliability, it’s the lack of communication.

It still seems viable to simply downgrade to a shared server. Like I mentioned, my shared server has been ultra-reliable for years. And unlike every other provider I’ve looked at, their shared server has the same features as VPS or dedicated.


If you don’t require too much in the way of resources then this is the only way I’d go with Dreamhost too. Their shared system is quite simply second to none. For higher resource requirements that need a minimum of “VPS Level” I’d go somewhere else (and straight to dedicated - it’s often as cheap or cheaper than VPS in the long run).


I do not know the setup of your sites, but I have a pretty large running WP and all just on plain simple shared.
I do run as much as possible from CDN and use W3 cache, which in my opion really help speed up my site and a lot less DH resources. I only pay about $1-2 a month for S3/cloudfront


I just upgraded from a VPS that was using 500MB memory to the quad core 4GB server. I couldn’t get fast enough download speed on a VPS. I have to say I am very happy now. I’m sending out about 15-20k files a day now no problem. The only thing I hate is that the Dedicated servers are at the Irvine DataCenter, which has been having a few problems. Dreamhost seems to handle my 30-40TB monthly bandwidth easily. I can’t complain for $170 a month and unmetered 100MB line. I am happy Dreamhost customer and I’m thinking about getting another dedicated server soon.