VPS site down after unique IP, no response from DreamHost support in 2.5 days! Help!


Our site was functioning correctly on a new VPS until the DNS for our unique IP propagated, which broke the site (server refuses all http connections). DreamHost support told us the problem was an improperly mapped IP address, and told us to delete the unique IP and request a new one, which we did (day before yesterday) but the problem persists under the new unique IP as well.

Our site has now been down for most of the last 4 days and, despite posting several support tickets (see #5886572), the last time we received a response from DreamHost support was 2 1/2 days ago. Obviously, this falls far short of DreamHost’s guarantee and is completely unacceptable by any standard.

We’re hoping someone here will notice this and bring this issue to the attention of the most capable support manager so we can get our site back online.

Thank you!


I apologize for the delay in response! I see that our support team has replied to your ticket here https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.his& . Thank you for your patience it is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or need further support please reply to the email we have just sent you.

Matt C
DreamHost Staff

Publicly squeaky wheel gets the grease, I see. :wink:

Thanks for taking care of it.

In case anyone else encounters this issue, the cause of the problem was that both times we requested a unique IP through the DH control panel, the IP address was provisioned but their system failed to configure Apache with the correct new IP. So if your DreamHost site is unreachable after switching to a unique IP, you might want to ask support to take a look at that.


Http requests are now served properly, but the server is still refusing https requests. We purchased an SSL cert several days ago but can’t yet use it because the concerned domain is still rejecting https requests.

We’ve confirmed that, when trying to access other domains on the same VPS, we are able to connect securely using the shared certificate. That suggests the problem isn’t with the whole VPS, but just with this problem-child domain.

The fix that was applied yesterday fixed http but apparently not https.

We filed a follow-up on our support ticket (5889190) 13 hours ago but no reply yet, so we’re wondering if this is something you’d recommend we try fixing ourselves. Normally we would avoid messing with httpd conf files in a shared environment, but perhaps this is safe on DreamHost VPS?

Do you have something going on in your .htaccess file? You might make a backup copy of your .htaccess…delete it…test…then you can put it right back if no change.

Hi sierracircle, it’s kind of you to reply, but no, clearing .htaccess doesn’t resolve the issue.

My guess is that it’s the same issue described earlier in this thread, in which DreamHost’s system misconfigured our unique IP when it was provisioned. That error was manually corrected for http, but apparently remains for https.