VPS Servers With DreamHost?

Hello I’ve been shopping around looking for a new web host. My current host that I’m with, which is a “shared” hosting plan has become very very slow and unresponsive, and have had nothing but bad customer support with them.

I’ve been considering a VPS server because I’m sick and tired of slow-as-sh*t shared hosting, but unsure if its the right route to take. I’ve never ran a web server, and know next to nothing about Linux. So, how hard is it to create and maintain a VPS server here?

Even though I’ve seen quite a few “stay far away from DreamHost” forum posts I figured I’d go ahead and post anyways.

So, would you guys recommend using DreamHost, is it worth the time and money to invest in this company. Also, is running a VPS something a “noob” like myself can do easily?
I guess I should also note I run about 5 different WordPress websites, and more will be added over time.
And one last thing - @ the rate of $15/month is that on a month-by-month basis or is DreamHost one of those web hosts that require you to pay for a year or more up front? - Thanks

Our intent with all of our products is to make them user friendly!
A VPS is definitely the way to go if you are already experiencing memory limitations.
It would actually be only $15, of course if you needed more memory and increased it, the price would go up accordingly.
You wouldn’t need to know Linux to sign up for our VPS.
It’s a fairly straight forward process. After you sign up and your account has been approved and ready to go. Via our Panel there is a button that says Manage resources, via that page you can manually adjust the amount of memory you want with a slider.
We totally support WordPress! In fact, we even have 1-click installs for it! Literally!
Like I said previously, our Panel is designed to be as user friendly as possible and if you ever come around to getting stuck on something or need assistance you can find it in various areas! Via our Forums we have forum watchers and great customers that love to answer your questions. You can also reach us on Twitter @dreamhostcare & FB. You can even submit a support ticket to us directly through the Panel!
I hope I was able to answer your questions and give you some more insight into what we offer.
Let me know if there is anything else I can help with :slight_smile:

I think Dreamhost is awesome, but in all honesty their VPS pricing is way overboard. You might consider trying your site out on one of their shared plans tho.

Like the name btw. SYN ftw \m/

Rather than start a new thread I thought I would just ask here:

In the DH control panel>VPS>Enable VPS Service there are two options. Enable VPS Web Server and Enable VPS MySQL server.
Is each of those an additional $15 a month? (yes I know that is the base price and goes up according to usage).
I just was not sure if the MySQL VPS was priced differently, and I was not able to find any clear pricing for that on the DH website.

That is correct. The pricing for the two are the same if you keep it at the $15.
So if you got both it would be $15 for VPS & $15 for VPS MySQL.
Like you stated, pricing goes up according with memory.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

Yes, they are charged as separate entities. I believe $15 is the correct “starting price”.

Another option for MySQL is to retain an additional shared hosting plan and used the shared DB infrastructure (~$10/month).

Using a shared MySQL database is actually free with a web VPS! We throw that in to simplify things.

You only need to retain a shared hosting plan if you’ve still got some web sites on a shared web server.

For some reason I thought that the VPS costs were added on top if the normal Shared hosting.
So in my mind it was going to cost:
$9.95 /month shared hosting
$15.00 /month VPS hosting
$15 /month MySQL hosting
Total: $39.95 month.

However, it sounds like from your description that I could just do:
$15 /month for VPS hosting with free shared MySQL hosting.

Is that correct? If so, I would have moved to VPS a long time ago.

Think it was patricktan who brought this subject up a while back. I got the impression he was paying for shared too.

Free shared MySQL certainly makes the VPS price structure more palatable.

Yes, that’s correct. I have a client who hosts at Dreamhost with exactly that setup.

Maybe patricktan had domains left lingering on his shared account as well.

If not, DH might owe him some Christmas bonus!

Technically not domains but users, you can move them from shared to vps and vice versa via the panel. The domains these users serve then automatically migrate with the users.

There can be more reasons not to end a shared hosting plan. For instance I have a free IP number in my plan (included in the promo code when I signed up), if I cancel shared hosting I’d suddenly have to pay for the extra IP number, which makes the savings of closing shared hosting a lot less. Besides the free domain is also only valid for shared hosting plans.

Thank you. I have now switched over to VPS and cancelled my shared hosting. Charges are set at $15 a month for 300mb of RAM and shared-MySQL databases.

This seems to be working fine so for a series of WordPress sites I run (around 8 low-traffic sites for various local small businesses).

There has been a noticable improvement on page loading time. Very nice upgrade for only an extra $5.00 a month!

Glad that you have successfully switched to VPS. I’ve moved all my domains to VPS and left the MySQL database in shared servers. I do caching everywhere to minimize database queries. So far so good. Hope it helps :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking of doing the same with some of my Wordpress sites on shared hosting. I had always assumed the MySQL db was the bottleneck for performance - can I ask how/why you decided to VPS host the website but leave the databases on shared? I was thinking of doing the opposite but I don’t know how to determine which would have the best impact.

So there seems to be few options ahead for those who start with shared hosting on DreamHost (as the website, databases and number of visitors grow larger)

  1. Upgrade to web VPS and leave MySQL database on shared server
  2. Upgrade to MqSQL VPS and leave web files on shared server
  3. Upgrade to both web VPS and MySQL VPS
  4. Upgrade to dedicated server

A) Can anyone comment on the pro’s and con’s of the 4 options above - from a website performance
B) Whats the difference between 3 and 4 from a functional aspect

Thank you.

No one should have to switch to VPS if their site is actually suppose to be handled fine by shared hosting. Instead of addressing problems with their servers, they’re saying use VPS which is the same as saying give us more money. I have many small sites that don’t remotely need VPS yet that’s what Dreamhost is saying. I’m so disappointed at the deterioration of Dreamhost. I’ve begged to stay, i want to be a supporter because i remember my early joys here, but Dreamhost won’t get to the bottom of the problems. It’s always the customer’s fault.