VPS server help!


Hi, I have a vps account with Dreamhost and over the past 9 months or so the memory usage has been increasing and spiking causing the server to go down.

The traffic to the domains is not that great so this is not the cause. The sites on the server are Wordpress and PHP.

I have removed over 30 domains from the server which has not solved the problem.

Dreamhost support can not offer support to troubleshoot the problem.

So I would like to know if there is someone on this forum that has knowledge of apache and shell access to help me with problem, or if someone can recommend somebody that may help.

Of coarse I would pay for the service!



I have the same problem and several of my clients have the same problem too. We use Drupal. So it’s not the platform. I also deleted domains and it didn’t help at all.


My problems are the same of them. Can anyone say me how can I identify what site is using more memory?


Just an update on my VPS memory problem.

Most of the sites on the VPS are running Wordpress, all of these sites were using the “WassUp Real Time Analytics” plugin so I deactivated the plugin on these sites.
I noticed a big drop in memory usage on the VPS. Also I activated “PHP XCache Support” on all domains from the domain control panel. Lastly I installed on the wordpress
sites the plugin “WP Super Cache”.

The VPS memory useage went from a max of 820mb down to a max of 198mb!

I will keep a watch on the memory usage to see what happens over the next 48 hrs



Analog statistics might be a possible cause of some of your problems as this is or was on by default, see this thread:

Troubleshooting memory problems is difficult, there are also lot’s of possible causes. You might want to check what processes are using the most memory at those peak times. If it’s not related to the webserver (apache) it will be another process and that will probably indicate the cause (like Analog Statistics above), if it is web related you should check your webtraffic at those times, and find the source of that traffic to determine if it’s legit.