VPS or Dedicated server



I have a web store on a Shared Hosting. I found that sometimes it’s very slow to open the website. So I want to upgrade the hosting to VPS or Dedicated server. Is this a good idea or not? If it is, VPS or Dedicated server?


Have you contacted support about this yet by chance? (http://dhurl.org/dhsupport)

We can take a look to see if the slowness is being caused by your resource usage on the shared server you’re on. If that’s the case, then yes, your next step would probably be a VPS. :slight_smile: Deciding between a VPS and dedicated server would depend on your usage and traffic, and it’s often hard to judge. Have us check into your current slowness/usage first if you’d like, and also give this a look: http://dreamhost.com/servers/compare-our-products/

Hope this helps!



VPS is crap, I had one and still so many problems on my websites that I had to let it set to MAX, and it was costing more than my Dreamhost dedicated.

Small or big shop you will be under bots attacks anyway (WHATEVER ANYBODY WILL TELL YOU IT’S WRONG) and your website will be slow or break sometimes, so better have spare resources as on a dedicated and make sure that it won’t have problems anymore.

Believe my experience, I would have loved to meet me few years ago :slight_smile:


What is the problem with VPS? I run a site that uses flash media server. I am looking at using cloud VPS unless there are some negatives.


VPS can be fine. It’s like saying shared will be slow or break. Yes, this is true, but that stuff happens on any server, shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, etc etc.


I agree, we have jumped from Network to Dreamhost and Dedicated is the only way,
“The Cost of repair , is allways greater than doing it right the first time- Zain Jeewanjee”

I do have a question, can anyone say why one would want a PSMysql vs just a VPS ?