VPS or Dedicated server? Please help

Hi, i have website with big traffic, sometimes 30 visitors per sec, and hosting is poor, if i have big traffic website loads sometimes 30s and more.

I want server, probably dedicated server, but i am not programator, i have only programator and he know upload website to ftp and database.

I want dedicated hosting, where I will not have to do anything, only set up ftp, database and done. But with high performance

On dreamhost dedicated server is this possible? I want server that will be good with high traffic, maybe 150 000 visitors per day.

Thank you for answer.

While a dedicated server can certainly help your site’s performance, it is not a cure-all. The symptoms you’re describing sound as though there may be some underlying performance issues with your site which a larger server may not solve. Since you’ve described yourself as not being a programmer, I would strongly recommend that you hire a skilled web developer to investigate this issue further.

dont worry, my website was programing by good programator, 30 visitors or more per seconds is really too much for hosting. Thanks for answer but I asked for something else