VPS not reachable via ssh or console RIP?

I can access my VPS from the https://iad2.dreamcompute.com/ URL, but cannot reach it via SSH or the console in dreamcompute. I have submitted a ticket, but yeah haven’t got a response and seems like this was a better avenue for help.

Have any of you had this happen? The instance shows as active and the log looks ok.

Hi fekete,

from what I gathered talking to colleagues managing DreamCompute, the upgrade that ran yesterday exposed a bug in old-running images. If your instance was created a long time ago, this is probably what’s happening. The easiest thing to do is, as usual, to drop the instance and create a new one but probably your application is not easily re-created from scratch. The team should have a solution really soon now.

By the way, what are you running on DreamCompute?