VPS moved, using much less memory now

Just an observation. Last night my VPS was moved from LA to VA (at my request). It’s now using A LOT less memory according to the chart on the Manage Resources page. Maybe it’s unrelated, maybe it’s a fluke. I don’t know. But I keep an eye on that chart pretty regularly and I haven’t seen it this low in a long time.

That’s awesome news. Fluke or not it appears you made the right decision at the right time!

For comparison: I have just moved my VPS from VA to LA. No changes in memory (if anything it is slightly lower usage, but only by a small amount).

The site were loading very slowl and then started to load faster, but the changes only happened yesterday so I am not sure if this has to do with DNS still propagating or not.

DNS propagation will not make a site load slower or faster. If DNS propagation is the issue then the site won’t load at all. Once the “propagation” has reached a users DNS, then the site will load for that user (but other users may still be waiting for propagation).

Migration might have been the word you meant. When Dreamhost is on process of migrating a large number of users from one server to another that seems to cause slowdowns on sites.

The drop in memory usage I saw was short-lived. It’s back to 800 megs. 600-800 it typical. I keep it set at 1000.


I’m happy to hear you are seeing an improvement in performance with memory now.
Our VA datacenter is our newest one & has some great hardware in it!
This is without a doubt the reason you are seeing an improvement in performance. This is the reason we have been moving many of our DH customers to that datacenter. Though, there have been some issues that came up along the way, we worked through them and are just cleaning up a few kinks. If you have any questions about the VA datacenter, let me know.

Justin H

Follow up on LA servers: although my VPS had been moved to LA, my databases were still in Virginia. It just took an extra day for them to move the databases over. That was just completed last night.

Now that databases and VPS are both in LA, sites are all back to quick loading. RAM usage has stayed under 300 with no sudden spikes.

From the original posters comments about his RAM going back up, it sounds like location (in this instance) is not a factor in how a site is performing or RAM usage

True, once things settled down usage returned to normal, so I don’t think the location really made a difference. That makes sense. I mean it would be possible if they’re running different systems with a different OS or something, but I don’t think they are.

As for site performance it is greatly improved since moving to Virginia from my perspective, but I’m in Virginia.

How do I get mine moved? Since I live on the East Coast, I would love to have it in VA since that should be faster for me.

Send a ticket in to Support with a request to be migrated.