VPS monthly billing?

Hi, I want to sign up for vps, but when I want to pay, its shows the discount 50% vps for 3 month, and the billing is just for 1 month. how can I pay for 1 year? didnt see any option to choose it…or its the way dreamhost works? just monthly billing option?
I was trying to email the support but im affraid the promo will expired by the time they reply the email… Thanks anyone :slight_smile:

I believe due to the variable nature of charges (amount varies every month) you can only pay for that product monthly. Other products like shared hosting and dedicated servers you are encouraged to pay annually.

so the vps price is keep changing every month?
I thought I can pay at least for 6 month haha

VPS’s can be dynamically resized for 1gb to 30gb. They will also resize themselves upward when they need more memory. Billing is actually computed every time the size changes and properly pro-rated for the amount of time the server was set for a size.

Another user created a script to help keep the size optimized, and thus minimize the monthly bill. Forum thread here.

You can in effect “prepay” if you want or need to, but you won’t know the exact amount of any months charge now. What you can do is estimate what you think you will pay for 6 months service, and then make a payment on your dreamhost account. As they bill you it will subtract from the amount you’ve pre-paid.