Vps memory


I got an email on the 3rd saying that my vps memory had been exceeded and that my vps was rebooted. I have 300mb allocated to that server and in the page graphs for the 3rd it shows that only 17mb was used. What’s the deal?


Don’t trust the graph in the panel. SSH to your site and type free -m or top -c

Okay thanks. I will try that.

Basically, the graph in the panel is drawn from samples that we collect periodically. As such, it’s a decent indicator of average usage, but it will often miss spikes. In particular, it will basically never catch spikes that cause your VPS to be rebooted, as the VPS is rebooted as soon as that happens (so the chances of the graph catching it in the middle of doing so are basically nil).

You could try PsManager, it keeps a 24 hour log of usage each minute, and can keep more in verbose logging mode. Might help you figure out what’s going on the next time something like this happens. Particularly if it was sustained higher use or a sudden peak.

That makes sense andrewf.Thanks ottodv. I’m still trying to ssh into the server with putty. I am rather noob-esque in this area.

Make sure you have a user with Shell access on your vps.
In putty go to: psXXXX.dreamhost.com (where psXXXX is your vps name).