VPS keeps spiking. Do I even need a VPS?


I help maintain a site for a friend who is somewhat less tech-savvy than me (and I ain’t all that). He keeps getting those “packed on a few pounds” emails regarding his virtual private server – maybe a dozen over the past year.

I’ve looked into the stats in the VPS > Manage Resources page, and the numbers seem low. I understand that the finest resolution they offer is a 5-minute average, so spikes are diminished, but at around the time these emails go out, the 5-minute averages seldom go over 12% capacity, and the daily averages hover around 2% capacity. This is not a high-traffic site.

Based on a couple of other threads in here I’ve disabled Analog statistics, the Jetpack plug-in in Wordpress (and actually all WP plug-ins except for NextGen Gallery and Dreamhost Announce List GUI). I also haven’t found that the emails are being triggered at consistent times, which would indicate an automated server-side script.

I’ve run a few of the diagnostic scripts on SSH listed here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/VPS_Troubleshooting but the results don’t mean a lot to me.

I also tried adding an .htaccess file to block some of the higher traffic visitors.

I’m a little frustrated that Dreamhost doesn’t supply a simple way to confirm their claims about these spikes, and I’m wondering – do these numbers seem consistent with a site that is at risk of crashing its VPS? I’m not convinced this site even needs a VPS, and wondering why the owner is stuck paying these additional monthly fees. I can’t seem to find it now, but at some point I recall seeing a thread in here indicating that DH doesn’t let you step down from a VPS unless your traffic stops spiking over a period of some weeks, but how can a user without supergeek skillz ever demonstrate this?

Any advice is welcome.


You can contact our support with your findings/concerns/questions and we will help you investigate this issue in more detail. If you guys aren’t sure that you need the VPS anymore (and it’s certainly possible you don’t), you can ask us for confirmation if you decide to try going back to a shared server, and we can take care of that for you.

Email us here: http://dhurl.org/22e and we’ll do our best to help you figure this out! :slight_smile:


I use PS Manager, a script wrote by a person and emails you the usage by hour, minutes, days, whatever.
It also set memory in case it needs, or you just let it email you the usage (that’s what I do).
Here is the link: http://www.7is7.com/software/dreamhost/psmanager.html

Also with the new DO (Cloud Storage) you could use to store images, css, etc over there.
My client has a website with Magento and PS memory set to 1500MB. 2 days ago during busy hours it was using 1300MB and sometimes getting over the limit. After setting the DO and moving about 30% of images, css to DO, now during busy hours it won’t pass 950MB.