VPS has been broken for days with no support response


For the record, I’m in a very similar situation to per12.

All of my sites running on DH’s shared hosting are fine, but my most important site that’s running on a VPS is completely broken, and has been for over 3 days. I’ve filed three different support tickets and they’ve all been completely ignored from what I can tell.

The fact that there’s a problem is horrible, and the fact that it is still broken after three days is worse, but the fact that there still hasn’t been ANY communication or even an acknowledgement of an issue is by far the worst part. That’s the only reason I’m posting here, because I really don’t have any other outlet.

The site (http://trainyard.ca) was down for a couple days, and now it’s back up… but only half of the content is there… there are random files missing all over the place. Whenever I try to ftp anything up to the server, I get an error message saying “no space left on device”.

I’m getting many emails and messages every day from users who are frustrated that the site doesn’t work. All I can tell them is that it’s broken, but I really don’t have a clue what exactly is wrong, or even how long is going to take to fix, or anything, because DreamHost isn’t communicating with me at all.

I should add that I’ve been with DH for 6 years, spending many thousands of dollars, and up till now I’ve a big advocate. This is really souring my enthusiasm, to say the least.


Same situation here… I just recovered from the downtime on my VPS a few days ago where my mysql install was destroyed with everything that was going on, my database we also missing. They did save me and restore a backup copy of my database which I’m thankful for. But now a few days later, my shared servers are fine, but this morning I woke up to find that in my clients VPS all the home folders are gone along with all the site content and files… I’ve submitted 3 tickets with no response. Its been over 7 hours now. Yeah I’m having a great day! I’ve been with DH for 5+ years. I use them for all my clients, my personal projects and I also recommend them to others. It just sucks that we can’t get any timely response on support tickets or even talk to anyone. The red message in my panel reads the same thing just every few hours the time stamp changes saying that the message was updated but its really just the same message.


Well… after a loonnng day of refreshing my email, the site that was broken, and support history I just refreshed and my site is up and running again. But still no response from support. So they probably are really busy and have all hands on deck fixing and working on things but I still think customers should still be responded to no matter what. Or just flat out say , hey its gonna be a while on support tickets we have all hands on deck right now or something like that… /sigh. Thanks DH for all you do.


I think that’s the key. It sounds like the backup was restored to a disk that didn’t have enough space. I guess your missing files are the pictures which are being rendered with broken pic icons? If you requent it directly (e.g. http://trainyard.ca/system/content/images/blueprintsByID/png/1995476_thumb.png) you’ll get a 200 response with a message: FILE NOT FOUND. That means your server-side script is not seeing the pic, or may not have the permissions to read it. You’d have to check the logs and dir to see what’s really going on.