Vps go bigger

Hello Friends,

i am planing to buy DreamHost VPS “GO BIGGER” Plan for my blog, i have daily 20k traffic so will this pakage be okay for my blog?

i want to know which OS they use in this plan they have not mention OS name over there.


Ubuntu :slight_smile:

It MAY be enough for your blog, but the 20k traffic also depends on how you’ve set up your site with regards to (I’m assuming WP here) plugins and themes, configurations, and caching.

i would like to know OS of GO BIGGER Plan.

From this page:


comes this info:

More information on Ubuntu LTS is here:


It looks like DreamHost is half way through the support cycle for 12.04. Presumably they’ll be upgrading to 14.04 LTS sometime in late 2015 or 2016, although I haven’t seen any announcements about that; it’s only my guess.