VPS email still down, no word from support


I’m really, really unsatisfied with the way Dreamhost has responded to me on the issue of my VPS configuration being botched. To date I still have not received an email response to a ticket which has been open for 3 days now.

Almost since I started my account, well over a year ago, I have had my email forward to an email on my VPS, which runs apache for webmail purposes.

At some point in the last 2 weeks, my VPS is no longer running a webserver and no the email address on my VPS has disappeared.

This means I have been missing emails for over 2 weeks

  • I received no notification that a configuration change was going to take place.

  • I received no notification that a change had taken place.

  • Upon noticing my site to be down and checking the Dreamhost Staus page, the only relevant post (http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2012/03/20/web-vps-host-server-homie-vserver194% E2%80%B2-moving-to-new-hardware-and-restoring-from-backups/#more-12779) states that my VPS should not have been affected.

  • The support tickets I open either go unanswered or receive a response that is not helpful in addressing or even acknowledging the problem.

Why did the email address I carefully setup on my VPS disappear?

Why can I not get my webserver on my VPS running again, even after selecting it to run Apache, as it is now?

The complete lack of notification and support in offering restitution is what makes this unacceptable.

I would like an account of what exactly happened (not what probably happened) as well as support in restoring my configuration, as soon as possible.

I was patient but the lack of support and my issue being seemingly dismissed is not what I paid for, and it is not making me want to renew my account again in July.


3 days is far too long to be waiting for a response. I’d submit a new ticket.

What kind of “unhelpful” responses did you receive?


I’ve submitted 3 tickets over the last 8 or 9 days.

The first went unanswered, I made another with a greater priority.

The response was that my VPS probably had changes because of the move, despite the status page saying my ps was not affected.

The solution was to enable my webserver again, without any mention of my email troubles.

It is the only response I have received in about 10 days.

The latest ticket is opened because of the subpar response to my previous 2 tickets. At this point I don’t think opening a fourth ticket would help.


That’s just slack. I’d be headed for the complaint button.


Where is that? I’ve never had to complain before.


Pretty sure I noticed one within the Support Ticket section (I’ve never had to complain either lol).

Contact Support > Other > Miscellaneous > Complaint