VPS Down

Is anyone elses site down this morning? One of my VPS based in Irvine seems to be unresponsive. Nothing on the status page about it. I have a chat open and a ticket in, but was curious if it was just my particular VPS.

waited on chat just now for an hour and a half, but no luck. Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot other than reboot?

I was able to SSH into my VPS for a short while, but I just checked again and there is no route to host.

I am unable to SFTP to my server

I cannot ping my domains

Hmm…this is interesting. I can load my site from a remote computer. Is is possible my home dns is doing this. Anyone else can check my site:


up for me.

Curiouser and curioser. If I set my routers DNS to use Google’s DNS server, I can connect. One of those days/

what were you using before? What happans if you switch back it now?

is your provider connecting with IPv6?

I was just using my ISP’s DNS servers. They are a small local business.

I switched back, and things seem to work as normal now.

I did a couple of re-boots on my VPS, so it might have been a combination of (one or more:) rebooting my VPS, resetting my DNS server, and clearning my cache.