VPS continuously exceeds 4000MB RAM - unusable

It’s been a whole day since my server keeps exceeding the max. 4000MB I can possibly allocate, and it’s completely unusable at this stage. I only host a bunch of WP sites and I did not update any plugin / theme / settings / whatnot when this issue started occurring yesterday.

My support ticket (#6229793) is untouched and I’m running out of options. I managed to use FTP eventually and deleted the cache plugin (WP Super Cache) thinking it might be the culprit. No change. I’m unable to work in the backend as anything I do crashes the server.

I used a sort pmem command and it seems that the fault is possibly with php53.cgi. I’ve then changed the main domain from php 5.3 to 5.4, thinking it may help. It doesnt seem that it did.

I’m at my wits end and support keeps mum about it, not even a “looking into it” message.

Any ideas how could I find out what causes this? Mind you, the logs show I’m using in excess of 7GB RAM some times and all I have is a handful of small wordpress sites. Prior to this issue, 1GB RAM would’ve been sufficient.

Thanks all for any input!

Well, my server is now simply dead, how lovely.

Eventually, I got a notification that an outage was reported for my server, ps153667. I reported the outage over 24 hours ago, yet it was marked as being reported just a few hours ago. It’s also marked as resolved 45 minutes later, which it isn’t: the server is simply down altogether.

For the price I end up paying due to constantly bumping the RAM up (to even 4000MB, thinking the issue was on my side and that I needed to investigate) + my revenue losses when the server is down for an extended time (I would have had 2 ad campaigns going live today), I guess I should simply move my toys over to WP Engine.

What’s most disappointing, though, is not even the downtime and the frustration. It’s the failure to simply acknowledge the issue, as a simple “we’re working on it” update would have been enough. Claiming that the issue was only reported a few hours ago (instead of 24 hours ago) does not help, either.


Wow you’re paying a pretty penny. Mys sites are small but growing but if the errors like this continue, I will not be able to take my sites to the levels I hope to. I am very frustrated myself and I have noticed that DH staff while still very nice are not as helpful as they once were. I’ve been hearing it from quite a few people. Perhaps there was a management change and that is their new direction.

For me, the support in a timely fashion and their helpfulness are the main reasons I have stayed with them these past few year.

And the funny thing is while I am not a super tech I am smart and thorough and do not just dump problems and expect them to magically fix it.

Yesterday I requested info from DH but haven’t had a response. I stayed up all night pouring through logs and I sent it to them re-asking for the info and have yet to receive it.

Maybe they are short staffed.

I truly apologize for the delay you’ve experienced recently. Our support team has been backed up lately; we’ve got a large amount of incoming support requests, and we’re in the process of hiring and training as well, so we’re trying to catch up as quickly as possible!

Another follow-up email has been sent with some additional info; please reply to one of them if we can continue investigating. I did notice that at the size of your current VPS, you can save a lot by upgrading to a dedicated server. It doesn’t look like you traditionally have had the VPS set above 1000, so I assume it might’ve been raised just to troubleshoot and see where the spikes were coming from. I might recommend turning it back down soon so your bill doesn’t get too high. Most of your usage is under 500mb still; it looks like you just had random spikes start recently, which might be due to the search bot spam you’re dealing with that we just emailed you about.