VPS cached memory consistently increasing


I can’t figure out why my VPS cached memory is consistently increasing in size over time. If you look at the following picture, you’ll see the yellow line growing until I got afraid of getting above my maximum memory and I decided to reboot my machine. After that… again the same trend on cached memory… how could that happen? Any way to avoid that or, at least, to limit the maximum amount of cached memory?

Thank you!



That is actually a good thing. That means your app is making use of caching. The larger the cached memory, the faster is to retrieve them, instead of wasting precious I/O. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. You are fine.


As perry said don’t worry about the cache too much.

The cache will never use up more than you have, and cache memory will be freed when needed for an application.
The only line to worry about in relation to your available memory is the red line (labeled “Actual Memory”).


Thank you guys.


I’m experiencing the same thing, but if gone unchecked… it does bring down my VPS. I’ve attached a screen shot… I’m getting notices that my VPS was rebooted every couple of days.

Any thoughts?