VPS Apache Down

Hi everyone!

I’ve had a terrible problem with my VPS…I keep upping my memory usage and apache2 keeps spawning off new instances. I counted today I had 22 of them running. My memory is up to 320mb, and I easily max that out all the time (lots of 500 errors). I’ve got a couple of tickets into Dreamhost about lowing the max number of apache2 instances allowed, but haven’t heard back about that yet.

But that’s not my problem right now. I rebooted my VPS (due to some “sh” being run by root that was taking up 99% of the CPU) and now I have no apache instances running. All my websites are down! But I can still ssh in just fine.

I’ve put in a ticket to Dreamhost, but I haven’t heard from them yet. Does anybody have any suggestions for how I can get apache up and running without waiting for support? I’ve been down now for 90 minutes and I’ve got clients pounding at my door to get their sites back up.


I’d try more rebooting until Support got back to me about it.

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