VPS and WordPress Instances



We have eight WordPress instances in our main DH account we also have a VPS. I am looking for a way to backup all the files and databases for the WordPress installations easily.

One solution that i like a lot is using Jungle Disk server on the VPS along with AutoMySQLBackup (script). The AutoMySQLBackup script runs as a cron job and makes daily weekly and monthly backups and Jungle Disk makes incremental backups of the DB backups as well as the WP files.

In order for this to work the WP install needs to be on the VPS. My question is if I have all eight WP instances on the VPS is there going to be an issue in serving them? I am not quite sure how DreamHost has VPS/WWW services/storage parsed out.


You can resize your VPS to suit your needs, so it should be OK to host 8 WP sites there (I am assuming the ones you want to move are running on shared hosting now thus likely nicely within the limits of what a VPS could handle). But why would they need to be on the VPS to make backups in the first place?


I would like to use Jungle Disk server to backup the WP files. Jungle Disk server runs on the VPS and needs to have the files it backs up in a path it can see. If I run the WP sites under the VPS user I can see the files for the sites in the VPS FTP directory and can back them up with Jungle Disk.


I haven’t used Jungle Disk, but I seriously doubt that that is a requirement. I can’t imagine a backup server system that doesn’t allow backing up things that are on other servers one way or another.

You should also be able to see all your users’ files on shared hosting with any FTP program.

Besides a backup on the same system doesn’t make too much sense. If you have a problem with that system, your backup is gone too. You need to backup somewhere else. (Maybe Dreamhosts’ Dream Objects is something for you?)