Is there a reason the there are 2 VPS options?


The “regular” VPS plan doesn’t include a MySQL server, so you’ll want to either use the MySQL databases provided with your shared hosting plan, or purchase a separate MySQL VPS. Basically, you can get a VPS for MySQL and a VPS for everything else.


Is that actually the case? In the product comparison the VPS column has MySQL Databases “Unlimited”, the same as for shared hosting. Does a VPS still require you to also have a shared hosting account? You definitely need to pay extra if you want both a VPS and a dedicated VPS for MySQL, but I was under the impression that a VPS account had the same access to shared MySQL as shared plans do, since they use different servers anyway.

Personally I have a bunch of web-sites, but only one that’s currently overwhelming my shared host, so I may well run both a shared plan and a separate VPS for the high-volume site, but nothing in the product details or the comparison table suggests that it’s required.


That was the case when this post was made in 2011, but it’s outdated.

We now throw shared MySQL hosting in for free with a web VPS; a shared account is no longer necessary.