VPS and Multiple Websites


The company I work for has websites for each division. We just ordered a VPS so we can move off of an old server and just use it for these websites. We want to do a redesign of our current sites so the plan is to develop the redesigns on the new VPS. So I’m confused about a couple of things. DreamHost says that we need to have a domain connected to our VPS. I do have a domain we could use, but then do I need to create a website for that domain, which I don’t want to do. All I want to start doing is creating a few development sites that don’t have domains connected to them yet. But I need to create a sub-domain for each of them so I can install WordPress with database info. Then they would be subdomains of the mentioned domain above. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t just be sub-domains of the vps number, like an IP address then subdomain? Sorry if I sound like a total newbie. I’m used to working with cPanel and WHM.


Whatever domain is registered with your server, just change the index.html to show something like “nothing here yet” Then go ahead and create whatever subdomains you want. I recommend using .htaccess to password-protect your subdomains from curious eyes.


Hello HowgrpGFX,

I apologize for any inconvenience but our system is not set up to support subdomains specifically for your VPS but for all DreamHost accounts as a whole. If you don’t wanna use a subdomain for the sites the best alternative would be to use a dreamhosters subdomain for example testsite.dreamhosters.com.


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