VPS and ioncube

Anyone tried to get ioncube running with the VPS service and a custom php.ini?

I have, with absolutely no success. I would appreciate some tips and pointers from anyone who has been sucdcessful.

At which stage of the process are you having problems?

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Well, I have followed the instructions to what I understand are the letter, and I get no sign that the server is even seeing the custom php.ini. I have checked the error logs as well, and there is no mention of anything to do with php.ini, ioncube or anything.

Ricardo, support person from iJoomla, thinks that part of the problem might be that the wiki instructions for ioncube or custom php.ini are in error. Who knows?

Ricardo’s “half right”. Some servers love the automated Wiki scripts while others require a more personal touch to perform similar installations. I put it down to the new line of servers having different configs. The automated scripts provided by the community aren’t entirely in error, they just don’t function correctly on every server.

You will need to take a more hands-on approach in shell to install your required environment.

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