VPS Admin User: How do access website files?


I used to be on shared hosting. I had a user, lets call her “Alice”, that I was using to upload files (html etc) into my website via the webftp.

I switched to VPS recently, created an admin user account, lets call him “Bob”, and used Putty to connect via SSH.

I noticed that Alice’s files are on /home/alice, these include all the files for the website. However, I am not able to access /home/alice with Bob. Why? And how can I access home/alice with Bob?

I want to do so because I want to upload files with Alice, which will get placed in home/alice, and access them using Bob, who has admin rights on the server.

I am new to UNIX and server administration. Had to get VPS and work with the server to use websockets on my HTML5 website.


I don’t know what you are trying to achieve but you shouldn’t be using an admin user for day to day operation of a website.


Oh alright. I guess that pretty much answers it. Thanks.

Edit: I also figured out to use WinSCP to upload files as an admin user.