VPN what I need?


I am developing an intranet web site for approx 100 teachers. This is an enormous challenge for me…anyway, I am going to use Joomla 1.5 and hopefully community builder 1.1.

Here’s some background. I plan to use an outside hosting company since the school website is an all windows environment and I am adamant about using joomla.

Here’s my question and I hope I am phrasing it correctly…
(btw there is currently not an official school intranet among the school system, but the school will give me webspace if I need it to create this intranet for this one highschool)

Can I prevent the general public from even seeing this www site?

Can I somehow have a password required to load the page? Can the windows environment of the school configure an access for me to allow access to my www intranet…by the way the school WILL NOT come up with a solution, they will only listen to the request and go from there. I don’t even know what to ask them yet, and they are not going to help me figure out what i need at all. It is unfortunate, but the way it is.

Any guidance is much appreciated.



You are aware that you might be able to run Joomla on a windows based server, right? From the Joomla! 1.5 “System Requirements”:

“Joomla! is developed and tested primarily on the Apache web server versions 1.3.x + and 2.x +. Whilst there is every chance that it will work with other systems, such as Windows IIS, these are not necessarily supported as fully/at all within the technical support community… Joomla! has been successfully tested on many variants within the main three OS for Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OSX. It may well work on other platforms but this is less well documented.”

Sure! You can stick the whole Joomla site behind apache authentication (.htaccess based password protection).

As an alternative approach, you can also leave the site itself “open to the public”, but have any and/or all the content restricted from view by other than authorized users by the Joomla system itself! :wink:

I don’t understand this question at all … All you need to access a Joomla! based intranet is a browser. To connect from the school, you would need to be able to browse to the Joomla! site, but that is about all. Being able to SSH and/or SFTP to it would be nice, but is not absolutely necessary.



Thank you for mentioning that Joomla may work fine on windows… it would still involve getting the server ready for installing joomla and the position of network administrator is a revolving door so that option scares me, but who knows, i may be forced to fall back on it…so thanks

OK, I will study up on how to ‘stick the joomla site behind .htaccess’ and once I play with Joomla some more maybe the content restrictions approach will work just as good.
I see there is a good section on .hta in the wiki here so thank you for pointing me to it.

There is such a huge learning curve for me to develop this site. I am grateful that you are frequently bailing me out.



You are welcome, and good luck with your project. :slight_smile: