VPN through floating IP into private network on DreanCompute


I have a private network setup on DreamCompute. I want to restrict remote access to specific VPN clients that I provide with a key.

I have tried to use IPSec w/ StrongSwan to tunnel into the server with no success.

The subnets do not overlap (DH private network at 10.0.x.x/24 and the IPSec subnet at 10.10.x.x/24)

I am not using a TLD so I set up the VPN to point to the floating IP associated with the server in the private network.

The error I receive when trying to connect from a windows 10 client is that the server is not responding.
The firewall is configured to allow the ports used by IPSec (500,4500/udp).
StrongSwan is running.

Is this possible?
Can anyone point me to some guidance on how to VPN into a private network on DreamCompute?

Thanks for reading.


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