VPN / Static IP

Newbie question.

I am working with an institute in Southeast Asia which wants me to access their supercomputer system via VPN with a static IP to carry out some technical support.

I understand that I can pay for a static IP on my Dreamhost account (at ~$4 per month).

My question - can I connect to a Dreamhost static IP in some way from my home broadband connection (which uses dynamic IP) and then connect on via VPN to the system in Southeast Asia? How would I go about this (both connect to the static IP and then connecting via VPN).

I understand I may need to pay extra charges, and I am happy to that.

Thank you for any assistance and patience with a newbie

I should note that I’d like to carry this out via Linux, if at all possible.

No, that’s not what the VPN service we provide does — sorry!