VPN questions

So, when I connect via the VPN, any data i transfer to and from dreamhost (www, telnet, pop, imap, ftp, etc.) is secured right?

Is it also true that ALL of my web (and ftp, usenet, etc.) traffic is routed through the vpn to dreamhost, and then to it’s destination, thereby bypassing my ISP’s proxy/caching server? (which would be a good thing, sometimes)

If that is the case, should I be careful to only run the VPN software when I am actually uploading information to dreamhost? Does it’s use take away from my monthly bandwidth allowance?


Anybody know?

Yes, all traffic to our network should be tunnelled through the VPN. Personally, I would suggest running it all the time.

We don’t specifically track bandwidth usage for the VPN service; for shared hosting, pretty much just http transfer (based on the Apache logs) and ftp count against your bandwidth quota.