VPN or other solution?



Public WiFi connections are always somewhat insecure, but I will soon be traveling to areas where they are predictably insecure (if not reliably intercepted). I will need to access my DH mail and other non-DH web sites. Perhaps someone here can help answer these questions:

  1. If I use https protocol through my browser, do I even need a VPN, or is there still a MitM concern?
  2. If I use a VPN to reach DreamHost, that would still leave me without a solution to reach everyone else, right? (Other than https)
  3. Are there other solutions I should be considering?


I think the best solution is to use SSH and verisign certificates. :wink: I am not a specialist :stuck_out_tongue:


VPNs are not more secure than other networks, however they may reduce MitM eavesdropping since they are account based and a bad actor would need to breach that first level of security.

Verisign is not more secure than other TLS certificates (it just costs more.) The free LetsEncrypt TLS certificate that Dreamhost offers is supported by all browsers as the highest level of security.

Using either SFTP or FTPS is also highly advised. I recommend using a stand-alone SFTP client like free FileZilla rather than the FTP in your Dreamhost Panel to stop unwanted actors from gaining access to your account.

All public WiFi can be considered as unsecure (not insecure) so proper diligence should be observed. Don’t use passwords or other sensitive information on public accessible connections. Always sign-out of secure connections when finished and change passwords often.