Voting URL

In the last newsletter there was a URL for voting on new features. I have delete the email and it’s not kept in my support history.

Can someone please let me know the URL?


You can grab the old Newsletters via the KB ->

But to answer your Q, Go to your “Suggestions” Panel to Vote…

So, will we get to see the results any time soon?

I would love to see the top 10 voted for suggestion(s), any chance of this?? or should we vote for it grins

I 2nd that top 10 voted suggestion thing :slight_smile:

Or just any indication of how many votes each suggestion already has…


Whoops… I’d already corrected it to be 20 “credits” instead of 10 “votes” but it never got made live. It’s fixed now.

Also, not showing how many votes an item has or the top 10 was actually an important design decision. We don’t want people to be biased into voting for things just because they’re popular (or unpopular). We want independent thought!

And we plan to always try and implement the top 10 vote getting suggestions at any time. And as we implement a suggestion you voted on, you’ll be notified and your credits will be freed up to vote on something new!