'Vote Nay' only for some suggestions on panel?

Some of the suggestions in the control panel only allow ‘Vote Nay’ (the pink thumbs down symbol) on the panel.

Is DH wanting to clear the suggestions bin faster?

Hmmm… :wink:

There are suggestions that would impact on other clients and/or we don’t like, for example change this board for other is a suggestion I voted, nay… adding quote of day to servers is another I don’t like, and so on…

Also if you don’t have enought points (say it needs 5 to vote yay, you don’t have the yay sign, as only 1 vote is needed for nay the button is present). that is probably what the image indicates.

That was a voted suggestion ;D that got implemented.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

This is probably a dumb question: So I can vote ‘nay’ even though I don’t have a high enough number of points to vote ‘yay’???



Okay, so then my original premise is correct - whittle down the prospective new items by getting rid of them.