Vote for Subversion

Ok, a while back there was a movement to get Ruby on Rails support at DreamHost and look what happened. :slight_smile:

It’s been mentioned that Subversion is under consideration. (In the post linked, ‘It’ refers to Subversion.)

How about we get a movement going to get Subversion support? Wouldn’t you love to have a nice Trac or Collaboa view of your source code? Go to the suggestion page and search for ‘subversion’ and spend some credits!

-Tom Wilcoxen
convergent arts

Definitely! Also, when (if?) the request for mod_authz_svn comes up, please vote for that too – it provides per-directory repository access control, which is highly useful when you have a repository with fairly disjoint projects, with different people working on them.

Currently, when using the Apache authentication, you can basically only give read or write access for the entire repository to a user, which might not be what you want, always (say, a documentation team shouldn’t perhaps be able to touch other’s code).


Another vote for subversion. Lack of atomic commits and loss of history with directory changes are major deficiencies in CVS.

Subversion is already installed on any (some? all?) server that’s been updated to Debian Sarge (3.1):

kchrist@dreamhost:~>$ hostname -f kchrist@dreamhost:~>$ cat /etc/debian_version 3.1 kchrist@dreamhost:~>$ which svn /usr/bin/svn The Subversion Apache module, on the other hand, requires Apache 2.0, which isn’t in use here.

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