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  4. Vote for 2005-01-31 | Install all Ruby libraries and Ruby on Rails (including FastCGI extension). | 5 credits

Sure, im on my way out, why the heck not. Since the stuff I had voted for isn’t nearly as important to me now.


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I voted! By the way, there are several Ruby-related suggestions you could choose. You can select one of these:

2004-08-03 Software Installations Upgrade Ruby to 1.8. 4 credits
2004-07-02 Software Installations Upgrade Ruby to the newest version. You voted for it! 2 credits

I chose the second since it cost half the credits and is really more useful. :slight_smile:

This is also a big one, maybe bigger than asking for Rails support since you can install your own updated version of Ruby if you like:

2004-08-03 Software Installations Add the Apache Fast CGI module. 4 credits

Without fastcgi Rails is not going to run well. Please vote for this guy!