Volumes & Instance Snapshots

Hey there, so currently I have two instances up but I can’t find the create snapshot button like it shows on the dc wiki. So I went into Volumes and am thinking if I create a volume then I’ll be able to take snapshots of the volume… Maybe it would enable me to create a snapshot of an instance?

I read about volumes and it’s my understanding that one should setup a Volume and use a linux server distro source. Secure it and then take a snapshot? Then what? Am I suppose to create instances from the snapshots? Or am I getting it backwards? Should the volume not contain an OS and maybe just the app\user data and attach that?

Is there some sort of best practice guide I should be looking for? What are common viable server workflows that are secure?

I don’t have the create snapshot button for my instance =\

Hello. On the instances tab on the right side (The same dropdown you used to associate a floating IP address) there will be an option to take a snapshot!


That’s the openstack documentation on snapshots, note that you are generally required to pause your instance before taking a snapshot. Snapshots are a way to save/restore the OS from a specific state. Volumes are for actual data storage, if you delete an instance, the volume will persist and you can remount that volume to a new instance if you choose.


ok thank you so much! Could you also link me to the documentation for direct input with yaml?

[quote] Volumes are for actual data storage, if you delete an instance, the volume will persist and you can remount that volume to a new instance if you choose.

Ok So a Volume could be attached to anything and it’s literally storage. Media and possibly one for databases? Can we apply encryption on the volume and not impact performance? Streaming 720p x264 encoded files, A Dump for Live Video recordings? Lots of possibilities. Thanks!


There’s the “cloud-config” documentation. Encryption is not applied to the volume itself but to the images(files/containers) inside the volume. There is FDE but even that is not encrypting the volume just the image of the disk inside the volume. Encryption/decryption has overhead no matter what cipher/alg you use, if Dreamcompute’s servers have AES-NI then AES should be pretty painless. Chacha/Salsa related ciphers are very quick in software (comparable to AES accelerated speeds). I don’t see any reason you couldn’t stream 720p video, that’s doable on a toaster nowadays. Odds are you’re going to run out of diskspace before you run out of cores.

I’m still having the same problem. I can’t create a snapshot of an instance. I’m just going to use Bacula instead of the dashboard.

I am still having problems. I cannot take a snapshot of an instance from the gui. I want help with this. k thanks.
The only option I have is to associate floating ip. but it already has an ip associated with the instance. So a little help would be nice. I can screencast the desktop on a skype call if it will help.

I wanted to update everyone that indeed I solved this problem this morning. The way I left things off last time I created a New Volume and selected my linux distro. Today I had to setup a new instance so instead of choosing use an image I chose use an existing volume. Now that it’s booted up from the volume I have the option to Create Snapshot