Volume Storage on DreamObjects?


Is there a way to create a volume based on DreamObjects storage? If I wanted more than 25GB of persistent storage but didn’t need more than a single small instance, DreamObjects seems like the obvious way to go.


Not directly. You could mount DreamObjects using s3fs, but honestly that’s going to be rather slow, given that DreamObjects and DreamCompute are on opposite sides of the country. (DreamObjects is in Irvine, California; DreamCompute is in Ashburn, Virginia.)

For the time being, if you need more than 25 GB of persistent storage, contact support and we may be able to get you set up with something.

In a somewhat related way, it would be nice if snapshots could be easily moved to / from DreamObjects. (And if volume snapshots could be created straight to DreamObjects, so that you could use all of your account’s block storage quota on active volumes but still take snapshots as backups.)