I want to host an Asterisk conference call for my organization for two or three hours, one day a week at the most. I’d host it from home if my upstream bandwidth could handle it.

I see that it is DH policy not to allow persistent processes such as voice chat or VoIP servers like Asterisk, Ventrilo and TeamSpeak. I think that I understand why, but is it within the spirit of this policy to disallow intermittent use of software that is normally considered persistent?

(Yes, I know about PalTalk, and others :slight_smile:

You couldn’t run it on your DH server even if you wanted to, as procwatch would kill it instantly. I know, cause I tried running ventrilo once before (my vent host had gone down) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. I must admit that I am keeping my old hosting provider for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they do allow small to medium teamspeak servers to be run on their servers.

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So you can’t even setup these type of services on the DH VPS?

You can now. I believe this thread was from before we had a generally available VPS service.

Running Asterisk is fine now what about Teamspeak? Sorry Ive been on a normal hosting server for yrs. Just now learning about VPS and needing to offer VoIP for a customer needing chatrooms/voice chat/file sharing etc… Guess this is the best option available.

I don’t know a ton about Asterisk myself, but I believe it’ll work fine in a DreamHost VPS, so long as you allocate a sufficient amount of memory to the machine.

Spoke to Support as well, thanks for the advice and direction! If anyone else has anything on this matter please continue to post. I’m learning as I go here.