Vmware/virtualbox instead of xampp, wamp, mamp

So here’s what I’m thinking.

Sometimes I develop on my mac. Sometimes on my windows laptop. All my code is on an svn server. The win and mac boxes are sorta different so I need to tweak http.conf differently per lamp dev environment. When I merge to dreamhost (linux) things are even more different. There’s got to be an easier way.

What if dreamhost created a “dreamhost virtual dev image” in either Vmware or Virtrualbox or Parallels… whatever… and the virtual machine does not run gnome or kde (to save on ram) so all you do is run this virtual dreamhost lamp dev environment on any machine (win,mac,lin,anything that can run the virtual lamp image). It is set up just like a dreamhost account (with .htaccess instead of httpd.conf) and you set your code editor or dreamweaver or whatever to edit the files directly in the virtual environment.

Now to save on costs, maybe someone can make a virtualbox version since thats free.

This seems like an awesome idea and I really wish it was available!!