VMware & ]project-open[


Would it be possible to run VMware on my account so I could test ]project-open[ ?

VMware Player 2.0.1 for Linux (.rpm)


VMware Player 2.0.1 for Linux (.tar)


Did you even bother to read the TOS?

If you were on a dedicated or private server plan, it would be possible, but then I imagine you’d already be well aware of that fact.

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I wish I knew what the TOS is :slight_smile:





Now that I know what the TOS is, I don’t understand how it addresses my point. I should probably try in the beginners’ forum.

I was somehow looking for a more technical explanation about the limitation.


The big hangup is that VMWare is a persistent process, which is frowned upon. DreamHost (stress the "host) part, is primarily for hosting (websites, mail, files). Not as a personal computer that’s running Linux.

The Terms Of Service: Material Products 6 & 7 explain this.



Thanks for the clarification, sdayman. :slight_smile:

I just thought most people knew what a TOS was… apparently not! My apologies :frowning:

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Thanks for your input.