Vitual postcards - conversion rgb to cmyk

Hi everybody!
I have done my own website, but i’m not a pro. For the time beeing i have just put a few a my photos.
Now I would like to go a step further. My be with a better hosting with php and MySQL.
I would like to add the possibility for the visitors to send my pictures as virtual postcards.
Do you know if there is a special software for this.
In addition to that I’m also looking to find a software that converts rgb colors in cmyk
since a have only the Photoshop Elements.
Thank you for your information.


I’ll let someone who knows better respond about your web questions.

As far as a graphics editing program GIMP is free, but very limited compared to the other main competitors. Corel’s (previously Jasc) Paint Shop Pro is a very good program you can get for about $60-$80. There’s Adobe’s Photoshop which is considered the industry standard and of course costs a fortune.

Personally I have Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Cannon’s Digital Photo Professional (to go with a canon digital camera) on my computer. Have you heard of torrents? just run a virus scan on the files first. hums innocently and walks away

–Matttail - personal website