Vitrual server inside a VPN

I’m a developer working on a Java/MySql database application for a professor at a major U.S. university. Currently, the application runs on a virtual linux server hosted by the university’s fragmented IT department. We are considering moving to a commercial host for lower costs and better supoort infrastructure, but would like to keep the server on the university network via VPN. We would also like to keep the current DNS name, which is something like .

Is this setup possible with dreamhost VPS?


I am afraid not! DreamHost uses linux-vserver:

And it doesn’t allow the guests to have direct access to networking (even with root access) which means a tunX devices can’t be created by the guest. While not completely impossible it would require DreamHost to make changes to make it work and its not something that is currently supported.

That is too bad, but thank you for the quick response. I will keep looking for another provider that has this capability. I’m pretty sure that Amazon does, but their services seem to be overkill for our relatively simple application stack.