Visual dashboard / usage graphs suggestion

Just a suggestion here:

I think it’d be cool if the dashboard showed graphs of my account status / usage:

  • bandwidth
  • memory usage
  • email volume
  • storage usage
  • database usage
  • up/down time
  • specific server/service names w/ green/yellow/red status indicators
  • other stuff?

I’d be cool if the initial charts showed overall, broad, high-level usage information for the account but you could dig deeper to see this data broken down by domain, daily/weekly/monthly timelines, etc. Kinda like google analytics does.

I’d be nice to see where spikes in usage hit, or easily pinpoint memory problems. It could also be used to push your higher level paid services like dedicated servers, etc. - you could show visually how close an account is to pushing the limits of shared hosting vs. what that same usage would look like on a dedicated server.

Just a thought. I think it’d be cool. Right now the only time I come to panel is when I need to make a change or complain about an outage. I think with the visual overview I’d be more pro-active in monitoring things before they became problems.