Virus question

Last night, by coincidence (or maybe not) Norton Antivirus caught what was supposedly an virus-laden attachment in incoming email from the domain. Since we have the AV program delete infected attachments, which it then replaces with an empty shell attachment containing a notification that the attachment was deleted, we expected to get the cleansed email. No email came in. Coincidentally, this occured at about the time that my husband, working on his Jam Session forum, experienced go down…which occured about the same time as the Denial of Service attack according to DH’s reference in their mailing.

This morning, the same thing happened with another email, this one incoming from our domain: Norton announced a virus laden attachment. I requested deletion. I waited for the offending email with paperclipped replacement attachement Norton provides…which never showed up.

Anyone else had this happen? I’m a bit confused and concerned as to why the email would never show up in either case. Forrest uses the header information in a study workgroup he’s part of, so we are very interested in keeping those emails for the group’s work.

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