Virtual Web Hosts


Not sure if I can do this - the help pages are confusing me!

I have two web sites and

I can see that I don’t have access to httpd.conf to set up names, so how can I host two webs using a single IP?



Virtual hosts are set up automatically as you add domains in the DreamHost Panel. You don’t need to worry about them.



So how do I declare the domain name and map it to the directory?

For example, I have a directory called yotm, that needs to map to the full domain name?



When you add a domain (or subdomain) in the DreamHost Panel, it’ll ask you for a user and path. These, as well as the other settings on that page, are used to generate the web server configuration.


OK, I see that. I wasn’t clear enough. The domains are not hosted on Dreamiest (they already exist), I want to point the name severs to my account and be able to access the websites directly, as above.

Is that possible?



I’m not sure I follow. “Pointing the name servers to your account” is what you would do to host these domains at DreamHost, and setting up virtual hosts is part of what we do to allow you to host the domain.

Is it possible you’re confusing hosting the domain at DreamHost with registering it at DreamHost?


Oh more than likely!!! I know a little, as in enough to be dangerous.

I’m trying to set up discreet and separate web sites for a friend.

I want them all (maybe four of them) on Dreamhost, but the registrations aren’t held at DH. My understanding is that I would point the name severs to DS (my IP address?), but then I need a way to indicate to DH that, for example, uses the wordpress installation in directory, say, /yearoftm. and so on.

I was looking for a way to map the incoming url to a specific instance, but see we done’t have access to Virtual Hosts in httpd. So I’m looking for a way to achieve the same as Virtual Hosts, without having access to them!

My apologies if I have a flawed or incomplete (highly probable!) understanding …

Any help to work towards achieving the outline above would be MOST welcome.


Right. You don’t need to worry about virtual hosts; that’s all handled for you behind the scenes. All you need to do is add the domains to your DreamHost account, using the “Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain” button under the “Manage Domains” section of the DreamHost Panel:

When you do that, as I noted previously, you will be asked what user and directory to host that domain from. This information will be used internally to generate a virtual host when we configure your web server.


Much appreciated! I was making it too complicated…

DH is definitely a different mental model of operation.