Virtual shared server with Wordpress


Im thinking about doing a new website and everything I read says wordpress is the ideal solution for someone like me (not able to do HTML) I would like to minimize the load on my prson computer and server so I a thinking the virtual shared server from Dreamhost will be my best option??

I have a few questions before I sign up, Im hoping you can help me with:

-Once I activate the service will I simply access the virtual server and download wordpress there?
-Do I need any aditional software on my computer? (Im running WIN 7)
-Is there a reason to start wit a private server? If I decide to upgrade later is that an issue?

Anything else I should think aout before jumping into this?

Thanks from the newbie :slight_smile:


You can even install wordpress via the dreamhost panel without downloading it, that’s the easiest for a beginner. Be careful what theme’s and plugins you add to it. See also: and

Technically no, but most likely you will at least want an FTP client very soon. There are many no cost options:

No and no


Hosting a Wordpress site on DH is really easy. Like LakeRat said, you can easily install one from One-Click Installs.

If you are not familiar with the installation of Wordpress, I’ll suggest you to test it on a subdomain first. When you are confident, install it on your actual domain name :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys! My intent it so use a different domain at first (my current site is currently run via lotus notes to 4t networks) and when the new one is up and running I will simply forward our domain to it (I think) :slight_smile:

One last question… do I have to buy a full year up front on DH or can I do month to month?? (could not find the month to month option and I hate to prepay and not be able to do want ti Want and waste the extra money)


You don’t “have” to prepay a year, but it’s silly not too.

If you pay month to month it’s 9.95 a month + and $49.00 set up fee.

On the other hand, pre-pay and the set up fee is waived, and it’s 9.95 a month or 119.40. You should be able to enter a promo code like ‘take97now’ which will get you 97.00 off that for the first year. 119.40-97 = 22.40 for your entire first year, which inclused a domain registration. You can hardly go wrong.


I like this forum already :slight_smile: Thank you for the help! Im signing up tonight :slight_smile:


Welcome onboard!


Well I got signed up and installed WP… I have to admit WP is not what I was expecting. Everyone said it was simple but it apears to be very complex if you want to do anything beyond very basic stuff. I guess I need to continue to play with it. I just hate to go buy a template and figure out it cannot be modified easily to fit what I want to do.

Thanks again everyone!


Customizing a template will require a good developing knowledge (a lot more than HTML).

I’ll suggest you to play with it first. Find out what it can do, what it can’t. Customization will come in later.

If you are not able to do HTML, you will probably need to hire a developer to help you achieve what you need.


Wordpress has grown over the years, however it’s not as complicated as it first looks.

Also there are many free theme’s available. Check out

A note of caution the free theme’s found on are more than likely safe theme’s. If you find a free theme on another site that you think you want, GET ADVICE before you download it and install it, it maybe nice looking but either intentionally or unintentionally be opening back doors for hackers to invade your site.


Thank you guys for the advise. Can you recomend a developer that will not make me more poor than I already am? Im not against someone in another area but Seattle based would be ideal :slight_smile:

I really like this theme but my main concern is it has more than I need. For example I do not need so many tabs along the top… will I easily be able to remove on or two of these tabs? Will a developer be able to modify this templete or will they need to start from new?[hr]


Before jumping into a template that costs $65.00, my suggestion would be to go look through the free one’s on Download a few and experiment. Then you will have a better understanding of what you will be able to do on your own, or what you might need to hire someone to help with.


OK so I took your advise and downloaded file from wordpress. What I dont understand is why it looks almost nothing like what wordpress shows?? I mean its kinda like it but not really… for example mine shows a “leave a reply” with a comment section yet theirs does not show that?? If I go into the widgets I do not even see this as an option to add or remove?

Is there an easy way to set wordpress back to original settings? I have played with a bunch of stuff and am woried I changes something. My intent was to never save anything during the learning process but it apears to save no matter what :frowning:

UPDATE I figured out how to add the sliders and options back in so now it looks like the original template :slight_smile:


I feel like I have wasted a day and have acomplished nothing more than loosing more of what small amount of hair I have…

I was under the impression wordpress was “easier” to use than most… I simply do not see how it is simple in any way???

Is conrete5 any better?? When the idea of doing a new site came up I was able to build something on wix in 30 minutes that is better than what I have been able to do on wordpress in 12 hours :frowning: either im retarded or wordpress is not something for non computer people like me?? It apears to be a blog based program and I want just a simple yet modern looking website…

any ideas??

Sorry for the rant :slight_smile: im just frusterated after 6 hours today I cannot even do a simple change to anything…


That is exactly what it is!

perhaps, we really don’t know what your needs and objectives are…